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Erica Eller

Are you searching for an English editor or writer for your site? Perhaps my freelance writing and editing site,, will interest you. It showcases my work and interests, while offering you a chance to connect.

Ms. Eller English

Did I mention that I’m also preparing to teach high school English? It’s true, and no other job has ever generated this much excitement for me. Check out my future English site (a work-in-progress) at


An issue that is close to my heart is the mass extinction underway. How will our literature flourish with such a deficit of beauty in the world? Beyond aesthetics, the current state of ecology will become our burden if we don’t act. On, I explore this theme and more.

Bosphorus Review of Books

As the non-fiction section editor for the Bosphorus Review of Books from April 2017 to June 2018, wrote many articles and met many times at the Ara Güler Cafe, the editors’ local meeting point. Our journal is one of the only English language literary outlets in Istanbul for emerging writers. I wrote bi-monthly book reviews and interviews and curated our book review submissions.

Here is a complete list of my work published in the Bosphorus Review of Books: