The Bosphorus Review of Books

As the non-fiction section editor for the Bosphorus Review of BooksI write bi-monthly book reviews and I curate all of our book review submissions. I’m very excited to be an editor at the Bosphorus Review, as it is a blossoming English language literary outlet in Istanbul.

Here is a list of my work published in the Bosphorus Review:

More on Submissions

Deadline: We accept rolling submissions, which means you can submit at any time.

Topic: Book reviews with a regional emphasis (Aegean, Balkan, Turkish, Middle Eastern, etc.), reviews on works of literature in translation, reviews that make a case for translation, comparative reviews, or reviews on works surrounding the themes of emigration, expatriation, or exile will all be given preference. However, we are open-minded about your submissions and we accept writing about work of all genres. The material may be old or new.

Word count: Roughly 1000-3000 words

Submitting: Send your book review submission to Erica Eller at